"PROSERIES 3IN1" – Massage, Magnetic & Heat in ONE UNIT


Sport Innovations "ProSeries 3in1" PEMF magnetic, massage plus heat therapy blanket


"PROSERIES 3IN1": 3 therapy modalities in ONE UNIT

  • 3 therapy modalities in one unit: PEMF, Massage, Heat

  • Combination of 3 therapies features: maximum level of relaxation

  • Full body blanket

  • High qualitiy bipolar magnetic spools with constant rotations of frequencies

  • 18 Massage motors with cycloidal massage, 7 times stronger massage than previous model "Impulse line"

  • Temperature sensors prevent unit from overheating

  • Integrated neck piece

  • "PRO SERIES" setting: Schumann Frequencies support the well being of mammals

  • Flexible, dirt resistant materials

  • Unit can be operated via batteries or permanent power connection

  • regeneration & healing processes
  • relaxation and regeneration of muscles
  • metabolism
  • pain management

Why use a horse therapy blanket? 

  • Keep your horses in shape
  • Reduce muscle tension
  • Most barns do not have a therapist on staff, upkeep your horse with the "PROSERIES 3IN1" Equine Therapy Blanket
  • Sport Horses are an investment, and need to have regular maintenance work to keep in shape

Why use SportInnovations?

  • 15 years customer service experience in the U.S
  • After sales service is a key feature to SportInnovations success
  • North American network of sales reps
  • Customer service and technical support available in North America and Germany
  • SportInnovations works with top riders to help design our products

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