Client Feature | Denielle Gallagher-Legriffon
Denielle Gallagher-Legriffon and Hanna in Wellington, Florida.

Denielle Gallagher-Legriffon and Hanna in Wellington, Florida.

As you know, at Sport Innovations we are proud of our client’s success and the incredible achievements they have with their horses. We recently met up with Denielle Gallagher-Legriffon and her horse Golden Girl to catch up with them on how they feel about the ProSeries 3-1 and how it is included in their day-to-day training and show regime. 

A little about Denielle.. 

Denielle is located right here in the Wellington area. She owns and operates a large training and sales barn. This includes many imports and works closely alongside her husband who specializes in hunter jumpers. They have two small children, Sofia (11) and Juliette (9) who you will find playing and helping out at the stables. 

Although, Denielle is quite accomplished on a personal and entrepreneurial level. Her success in riding is equally impressive. Her riding career started in eventing and showjumping. She later switched to dressage after working with Ashley Holzer for many years. To say the least she had a knack for dressage. She was shortlisted for Beijing Olympics with her horse, Abrikos. In addition to that accomplishment she has had many FEI wins internationally, competing dressage level PSG/Inter 1 and Grand Prix. You may also see her at the Royal Winter Fair, Dressage at Devon, and the Global Dressage Festival. On her belt has a USDF bronze medal, silver, and gold as well as a freestyle gold medal.  

What is next on the horizon?

Currently, Golden Girl is schooling the FEI small tour and training for Grand Prix. Denielle’s future goals include Panam World Games and the Olympics with Golden Girl (pictured). 

How do you use the ProSeries 3-1 in your day to day? 

The ProSeries 3-1 is instrumental in our day to day training. Not only is it extremely useful for recovery sessions, we use it to warm up her back before she is worked. We have found using the unit an hour before we ride helps get her right to work. The unit also allows us to warm up faster and more efficiently so we can get to work on the good stuff. 

There are 17 horses in training and a single unit services every one of them.

“I find it makes my training go faster, and my horses aren’t as sore.”  

How do you use the ProSeries at the horse shows? 

The ProSeries 3-1 is the perfect thing to relax our horses before the shows. We find it helps calm the ones that may be more anxious or hot. Golden Girl falls asleep during her sessions and it’s the perfect way to have her before she goes into a class. 

Want to know more about the ProSeries 3-1? Curious on how it can be added to your training program or included in your routine?

Contact us today! 

How to Build Your Business with Sport Innovations

As an entrepreneur, you are constantly thinking of ways to expand or evolve. The horse industry is a specific one. Businesses have to be twice as vigilant than in other industries. How do you stay ahead of the curve? You need to be up to date on the latest technology and offer something others don't to help you stand out.

equine entrepreneur

We have seen great success with business created around unit rentals as well as established trainers adding units to the lists of services they offer. Like anything there is no reward without risk. However, we try to set our clients up for success. With units available for rent and purchase both pre-owned (when available) and new.

Here is how you get started.

First ask yourself, “where is my opportunity?”

As a trainer, do you have clients who would appreciate a VibePro or ProSeries? The Vibepro is at a lower price point and is able to provide a full body massage. Would your clients want something more? Our ProSeries also has multiple massage functions as well as heat and PEMF therapy. Would your client’s benefit from leg or hock wraps?

As an entrepreneur looking to start their own individualized service, look at your competition. What are they offering? What can you do better?

Second, obtain your product.

This part is fairly easy with our sales professionals available to answer questions. We are used to sending product to facilities and businesses all over the world. We can take of care of you.

Finally, let the world know you are here.

Here are some ideas for spreading the word.

  1. Update your website and social handles so your customers doing research can be informed.

  2. Create a promotion and blast some “big news” or “grand opening” messaging on your social media and emails.

  3. Consider doing a free consultation or a shortened session as a promotion to get new clients. Once they see how amazing the product is, you’ll be set.

  4. Create old fashioned flyers to post in your barn or at horse shows.

  5. Offer to do a free session for clients who have influence in the community. Ask them to post it on their social media and tag your business as well as us. ;) We are invested in your success at this point too.

Our riders and clients are simply the best. They are the best at their craft and the best to their horses. If you have any questions regarding the #therapyofchampions we would love to hear from you!

To be caught up on the latest, follow @sportinnovationsquine on Facebook and Instagram.

Want to know more? Check out “3 Horses Who Need The ProSeries 3-1”.

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3 Fun Facts About Our PEMF Leg Wraps

When it comes to equine therapy and the recovery of your horse, we have your back. Our products are designed specifically to cater to all horses. From the top athletes in the sport horse world to the retired school horse. We believe we have something to share with everyone.

PEMF leg wrap

Let’s talk legs. Despite your horse being a strong and powerful animal, any horse person knows that a horse’s legs can literally be an Achilles heel. Between wrapping, ice boots, injections there are so many lengths we go to keep our horse’s legs strong and comfortable. Many of these tactics come at a time expense on the owner or trainer.  That’s how we segway to our PEMF leg wraps which have combine science and convenience.

Many of you may want to know first, what is PEMF?

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF), also called pulsed magnetic therapy, pulse magnetotherapy, or PEMF, is a reparative technique most commonly used in animal pain management for horses and dogs, injury recovery and overall health upkeep. This technology is at the heart of many of our horse and canine sports medicine devices.

3 Fun Facts About Our PEMF Leg Wraps

  1. Our wraps work on the front and hind legs.

A “set” includes 2. However, it's incredibly convenient that the set works on both the front and the hind legs.

  1. No wall plugin necessary, they are wireless!  

Many similar products in the marketplace need an outlet to power up. Although you will need to recharge your battery via outlet, you can do sessions on the road while tied to a trailer or temporary stall. We know our clients, and many of them are out at shows or rodeos. Take your PEMF leg wraps with you!

  1. There are 5 main reasons to consider integrating these leg wraps into your routine.

If you are still wondering if this is something you need, consider the following areas that these leg wraps apply.

  • Pain Management

  • Recovery Management

  • Increase Circulation

  • Injury Treatment

  • Chronic Diseases

For more information on our PEMF leg wraps contact us today! For more information on our product click here.

Meet Our Sales Specialist: Sara E Ballinger
Dragonfly Farm Sara Ballinger 4.2019

We love that our team is not only passionate about the equestrian industry on a personal level but also professionally. This statement could not be more true than when applied to Sales Specialist, Sara E Ballinger. Sara has represented Sport Innovations at horse shows all around the country since 2015.

Sara grew up in Marion, Ohio. Like many homegrown Midwesterners, her early riding years were predominantly western. She began riding hunter jumpers into her teenage years. After graduating from The University of Findlay with a major in equestrian science and biology, Sara right into the industry. She began like many do, working at horse shows, as well as buying and selling horses. In 2012 she became an equestrian appraiser and opened her business SEB Equestrian Appraisals.

When she is not working, Sara finds herself in the showring. This past season she and her horse, Wanderprinz (Prinz), won the WEF Circuit Adult Equitation Division. This was actually their second time winning. We sat down and asked Sara everything you’d like to know on the product that is the #TherapyOfChampions.

Sara Ballinger Prinz 4.2019

What drew you to the Sport Innovations product?

I initially learned about Sport Innovations when I was looking for a product to help support my horse’s sore back. I immediately fell in love with it and the comforts that it provided my horse. I called Hanna with an interest in working for the company so that I could help show others the benefits they could have. There is no way I could sell something I didn’t believe in. Prinz is so happy with his blanket.

What is your favorite feature in the ProSeries 3-1?

Prinz loves the massage feature. His lower lip gets floppy when I put it on and he completely relaxes. He usually falls asleep.

Do you have any tips when using the ProSeries?

We use the ProSeries 3-1 for normal maintenance. Prinz gets at least two sessions a week. When we go to shows we always do a session before our class, it really helps him relax.

These days you may find Sara in Ohio or at her farm, Dragonfly Lane Farm in Loxahatchee, Florida. When she is not conducting appraisals in Wellington, Florida you may find her at a show near you.

If you want to know more about the ProSeries 3-1 and how the therapeutic benefits could treat your horse, contact us today!

Wanderprinz (Prince) 4.2019
Meet Our Carolina’s Specialist: Alison Gay

We pride ourselves with having the best of the best on our team. True horse people and experts in the industry. If you find yourself in the Carolinas, Alison Gay is your go to person for your equine massage and equine therapy needs.

Alison Gay Sport Innovations NC

A little about her.

Who is Alison Gay and what is her story?

Alison grew up riding primarily hunters and jumpers. She obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Equestrian Science from William Woods University. Upon graduation she gained international experience in the industry while working for the prestigious Castle Forbes Stud in Co. Longford, Ireland. Following many wonderful opportunities to train horses, riders, as well as manage various equine programs she was certified by the American Society of Equine Appraisers. This inspired her to begin her own business, EquiAppraisal LLC, which is now a leading source for equine appraisals and expert consultation. When Alison is not working on her business, riding her horses, or doing demos for Sport Innovations- you may find her (beginning in the fall) at Isothermal Community College as an adjunct professor for their newly founded equestrian program. Like we said, nothing but the best.

We sat down with Alison to get her expert thoughts and opinions and so you can hear more about what makes us the #TherapyOfChampions.  

What drew you to the Sport Innovations product?

I am a big believer in the power of a quality therapeutic product, and have personally seen near-miraculous results. Sport Innovations offers the highest level of quality control, excellent customer service, and is a brand I am confident to put my name behind. Combining three of the most popular therapies into one full-body blanket is brilliant, and it’s even better that it’s offered at a competitive price with various financing options.

What is your favorite feature in the ProSeries 3-1?

I have found that various horses react to therapeutic methods in different ways. Where one horse may respond better to PEMF magnetic therapies, others have amazing results from vibration massage. The combination of therapy systems not only covers a wide range of treatments, but they all seem to work together to magnify the results. I have loved using the product on my own horses, and I never cease to enjoy hearing “I’ve never felt my horse move this well” from horse owners and trainers I’ve shared it with.

Do you have any tips when using the ProSeries 3-1?

I personally use the ProSeries blanket before each ride. By loosening tension in muscles and increasing circulation, you’re not only decreasing your risk of a soft tissue injury during work, but also allowing the horse to engage his full range of motion from the moment you put your foot in the stirrup. This allows you to get more out of each ride, and lets them work proper muscle development without as many limitations from stiffness or soreness. It’s also great to use after a long trailer ride or after particularly strenuous activity since it helps move the lactic acid from their muscles and flush the lymphatic system.

Alison’s horse enjoying a session in her Pro Series 3-1.

Alison’s horse enjoying a session in her Pro Series 3-1.

Alison manning the booth at the World Equestrian Games in Tryon, 2018.

Alison manning the booth at the World Equestrian Games in Tryon, 2018.

Want to know more about the ProSeries 3-1 or any of our #TherapyOfChampions product? Contact us today! Also follow us on our social media to see our clients and learn more about our products.

Alison Gay Pro Series 3-1 North Carolina
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Sport Innovations Client Feature

Emily Smith and Dublin | #TherapyOfChampions

Emily poses with a Vibe Pro unit at Adequan® Global Dressage Festival 2019 in Wellington, Florida.

Emily poses with a Vibe Pro unit at Adequan® Global Dressage Festival 2019 in Wellington, Florida.

At Sport Innovations we can confidently say that we have the most talented clients and riders. Because we have boots on the ground in the industry, we are able to learn so much about what they do and what their horses need. We can tell you all day long how wonderful our products are and explain that our equine massage blankets is your equine therapy solution. However, we want you to hear first hand of what are products are like and we’d like to let Emily Smith tell you herself.



Emily is a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medalist. She is the owner and trainer at Smith Dressage. Her partner and horse’s name is Dublin and they have been working together since he was 7. They had 3 very successful years at the Young Riders, including two trips to the North American Youth Championships and one trip to the USEF Festival of Champions. Additionally, they were long listed twice for the Young Rider European Tour.

This past summer Dublin and Emily debuted at Grand Prix. They are currently competing in the U25 Grand Prix. We sat down with Emily to get her personal take on our products.

Dublin and I are big fans of the Sport Innovations VibePro Massage Blanket and Magnetic Hock boots. I use the VibePro as an everyday maintenance item, as well as at the shows to help settle Dublin’s show nerves. I have found at shows, that if I use the relax setting then he is significantly more relaxed in the ring. There have even been times when I have accidentally made him too relaxed! Dublin has really proved to me that relaxed muscles are going to build and perform better!
— Emily Smith

If you are interested in our VibePro or ProSeries 3-1 for equine massage therapy. Contact us today! We want to supply you and your horse or clients with the #therapyofchampions. Follow Emily on Instagram at @emily_e_smith and us, @sportinnovationsequine for daily updates on the #therapyofchampions.

Emily poses with owner Hanna at the vendor booth at Adequan® Global Dressage Festival 2019.

Emily poses with owner Hanna at the vendor booth at Adequan® Global Dressage Festival 2019.

3 Horses Who Need The ProSeries 3-1

When looking into therapy products for your horse it’s easy to talk yourself in or out of what your horse may need. There are alot of products out there and it can be overwhelming deciding if your horse needs what you are considering. To make it easier on you, we are providing 3 of our most typical clients who use our ProSeries 3-1 to see if your horse falls into one of these categories.

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 4.06.38 PM.png

The Athlete

Fierce. competition.

mcclain ward sport innovations

This is one our most popular client. Sport horses are who we have found real benefit from our product. However an athlete can extend across all seats and disciplines! We have found that our customers from rodeo to Grand Prix have all learned the benefits from the Sport Innovations products.

From sport horses to reining, integrating a product like our ProSeries 3-1 blanket into your workout routine will allow you to reap all of the therapeutic benefits of having three therapies in one product from any horse show in the world.

sport innovations therapy blanket

The Teacher

The cornerstone of your lesson program.

Some of the most important horses in our stables are our lesson horses. Not only are they important but let’s be honest, they put up with SO much. What better way to treat and revitalize them then with a nice full body massage. Toss in some pulsating electromagnetic frequency to help recovery after a long days work and they have it made.

sport innovation trail horse

The Golden Girl

Thank you for being a friend…

As the theme song for Golden Girls goes, “Thank you for being a friend..”. In your horses “golden years” we know all too well that muscle maintenance is very important to a happy and healthy horse. We also know that with cold weather and age, it’s imperative to warm up your horses muscles before physical activity to avoid injury. Our PEMF (pulsating electromagnetic frequency), massage and solarium devices for horses can help ease sore back muscles, injuries and muscle recovery before and after workouts.

Wanting a holistic was for your horse to recover and relax? Click here to learn more.

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An open letter to Santa (From Your Horse)

Dear Santa,

This year, as you know, has been filled with many highs and lows. I am writing to you to focus on the highs. All in all, I believe I have been a really great horse. I, for the most part, keep my rider on my back. I try not to kick at my stall unless my neighbor really needs to keep it down. I for the most part come when turned out to the pasture and all and all I try not to eat fingers when given a carrot.

Which brings me to my list. This year santa I only have 1 thing on my list:

The ProSeries 3-1. - Hear me out. I know you can’t make it. But you may have some German/American connections at Sport Innovations! I feel this gift would make me an even better horse for next year! I feel the full body massages will keep me comfortable and relaxed. I feel the PEMF therapy will help me recovery after my rides. And on those cold lonely nights, the heat function will be great.

So Santa, surely we can see past some of my indiscretions. Three presents in one present is the way for me! My mom did not pick up a tree for me this year on account of what happened last year…

So if you can leave it in front of my stall on Christmas Eve, I can take it from there!


Your Horse

Pro Series 3-1 for Christmas
Alix Sasse
Sport Innovations Introduces Goetz

We have many athletes that use our product, but not many are like Goetz.

Therapy Dog Goetz 1

Did you say Canine?

Although you may see us heavily promote our equine products, we also have a Canine Electromagnetic Therapy Blanket as well! Like our equine products, our canine products are meant to help prevent injury and recover muscles after workouts. The levels of activity vary with the dogs that can benefit from our blankets. Whether your furry partner is seriously used for work like police or as a service animal, or maybe he has just been a really good dog and deserves to be pampered, there are many reasons for a canine electromagnetic therapy blanket.

Meet Goetz

Like many of our sponsored jumper horses Goetz can also fly. Of course it is not without his partner, Oscar Rojas, can Goetz reach his fullest potential. We could go on and on about how talented this dog is, or we could show you.

Goetz of course did not become this superhero creature overnight. It was not without the partnership and patience of Oscar Rojas at Pro Dog Academy. Oscar has been a professional dog trainer for over 28 years. He is an AKC Approved CGC Evaluator and President and Training Director of the Treasure Coast Working Dog Club. He is also the lead trainer at Paws 4 Liberty , one of the main organizations that is very near and dear to our hearts at Sport Innovations.

To learn more about what Goetz preferred product as the  #therapyofchampions contact us!  

Name *

Sport Innovations is committed to restorative recovery on all fronts. Stay in touch! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to hear more about the #therapyofchamptions

PAWS 4 LIBERTY – A THERAPY OF CHAMPIONS – Sport Innovations highlights a therapy beyond the blanket whose work hits close to home. 

Although much of what we do at SportInnovations is geared to the horse industry we actually also have similar product for dogs as well. Restoration and recovery is just as important for the working dog as it is for the sport horse. It was through our sponsored canine, Goetz, and his owner Oscar Rojas that we first learned about the amazing mission of Paws 4 Liberty.


How can we help?

Visit or ask us! We are committed to giving back and this organization hits close to home.

Sport Innovations is committed to restorative recovery on all fronts. Stay in touch! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to hear more about the #therapyofchampions.
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