3 Horses Who Need The ProSeries 3-1

When looking into therapy products for your horse it’s easy to talk yourself in or out of what your horse may need. There are alot of products out there and it can be overwhelming deciding if your horse needs what you are considering. To make it easier on you, we are providing 3 of our most typical clients who use our ProSeries 3-1 to see if your horse falls into one of these categories.

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The Athlete

Fierce. competition.

mcclain ward sport innovations

This is one our most popular client. Sport horses are who we have found real benefit from our product. However an athlete can extend across all seats and disciplines! We have found that our customers from rodeo to Grand Prix have all learned the benefits from the Sport Innovations products.

From sport horses to reining, integrating a product like our ProSeries 3-1 blanket into your workout routine will allow you to reap all of the therapeutic benefits of having three therapies in one product from any horse show in the world.

sport innovations therapy blanket

The Teacher

The cornerstone of your lesson program.

Some of the most important horses in our stables are our lesson horses. Not only are they important but let’s be honest, they put up with SO much. What better way to treat and revitalize them then with a nice full body massage. Toss in some pulsating electromagnetic frequency to help recovery after a long days work and they have it made.

sport innovation trail horse

The Golden Girl

Thank you for being a friend…

As the theme song for Golden Girls goes, “Thank you for being a friend..”. In your horses “golden years” we know all too well that muscle maintenance is very important to a happy and healthy horse. We also know that with cold weather and age, it’s imperative to warm up your horses muscles before physical activity to avoid injury. Our PEMF (pulsating electromagnetic frequency), massage and solarium devices for horses can help ease sore back muscles, injuries and muscle recovery before and after workouts.

Wanting a holistic was for your horse to recover and relax? Click here to learn more.

Alix Sasse
An open letter to Santa (From Your Horse)

Dear Santa,

This year, as you know, has been filled with many highs and lows. I am writing to you to focus on the highs. All in all, I believe I have been a really great horse. I, for the most part, keep my rider on my back. I try not to kick at my stall unless my neighbor really needs to keep it down. I for the most part come when turned out to the pasture and all and all I try not to eat fingers when given a carrot.

Which brings me to my list. This year santa I only have 1 thing on my list:

The ProSeries 3-1. - Hear me out. I know you can’t make it. But you may have some German/American connections at Sport Innovations! I feel this gift would make me an even better horse for next year! I feel the full body massages will keep me comfortable and relaxed. I feel the PEMF therapy will help me recovery after my rides. And on those cold lonely nights, the heat function will be great.

So Santa, surely we can see past some of my indiscretions. Three presents in one present is the way for me! My mom did not pick up a tree for me this year on account of what happened last year…

So if you can leave it in front of my stall on Christmas Eve, I can take it from there!


Your Horse

Pro Series 3-1 for Christmas
Alix Sasse
Sport Innovations Introduces Goetz

We have many athletes that use our product, but not many are like Goetz.

Therapy Dog Goetz 1

Did you say Canine?

Although you may see us heavily promote our equine products, we also have a Canine Electromagnetic Therapy Blanket as well! Like our equine products, our canine products are meant to help prevent injury and recover muscles after workouts. The levels of activity vary with the dogs that can benefit from our blankets. Whether your furry partner is seriously used for work like police or as a service animal, or maybe he has just been a really good dog and deserves to be pampered, there are many reasons for a canine electromagnetic therapy blanket.

Meet Goetz

Like many of our sponsored jumper horses Goetz can also fly. Of course it is not without his partner, Oscar Rojas, can Goetz reach his fullest potential. We could go on and on about how talented this dog is, or we could show you.

Goetz of course did not become this superhero creature overnight. It was not without the partnership and patience of Oscar Rojas at Pro Dog Academy. Oscar has been a professional dog trainer for over 28 years. He is an AKC Approved CGC Evaluator and President and Training Director of the Treasure Coast Working Dog Club. He is also the lead trainer at Paws 4 Liberty , one of the main organizations that is very near and dear to our hearts at Sport Innovations.

To learn more about what Goetz preferred product as the  #therapyofchampions contact us!  

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Sport Innovations is committed to restorative recovery on all fronts. Stay in touch! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to hear more about the #therapyofchamptions

PAWS 4 LIBERTY – A THERAPY OF CHAMPIONS – Sport Innovations highlights a therapy beyond the blanket whose work hits close to home. 

Although much of what we do at SportInnovations is geared to the horse industry we actually also have similar product for dogs as well. Restoration and recovery is just as important for the working dog as it is for the sport horse. It was through our sponsored canine, Goetz, and his owner Oscar Rojas that we first learned about the amazing mission of Paws 4 Liberty.


How can we help?

Visit www.paws4liberty.org or ask us! We are committed to giving back and this organization hits close to home.

Sport Innovations is committed to restorative recovery on all fronts. Stay in touch! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to hear more about the #therapyofchampions.
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