PAWS 4 LIBERTY – A THERAPY OF CHAMPIONS – Sport Innovations highlights a therapy beyond the blanket whose work hits close to home. 


Paws 4 Liberty A Therapy of Champions- Sport Innovations highlights a therapy beyond the blanket whose work hits close to home.

Although much of what we do at Sport Innovations is geared to the horse industry we actually also have similar product for dogs as well. Restoration and recovery is just as important for the working dog as it is for the sport horse. It was through our sponsored canine, Goetz, and his owner Oscar Rojas that we first learned about the amazing mission of Paws 4 Liberty. 

What is Paws 4 Liberty? 

Paws 4 Liberty is a nonprofit that helps soldiers returning from war and veterans regain their independence and confidence through the assistance of trained service dogs. This organization goes above and beyond for our veterans. They carefully screen, patiently train, and thoughtfully match qualifying veterans. They even crazier part? They do it at no cost to the veteran. It is no secret that our veterans are one of the most underserved populations in our society and after all that they have been through it is this organization's heartbeat to help them. 

A Therapy of Champions

You will see us often refer to our product as the “#therapyofchampions”. Our clients and their horses or dogs are without a doubt talented and incredible. But this is also a therapy of champions. Paws 4 Liberty has such a strong heart for their mission to help veterans. Not only is this group local to our Florida office but one of the differentiating factors is that they don’t breed dogs for their training program. In fact, they rescue dogs from local shelters or they are donated by charitable rescue groups and organizations. 

Heidi Spirazza, founder of Paws 4 Liberty and an occupational therapist who specializes in animal assisted therapy, began her mission to help wounded veterans in 2006. Responding to the events that followed September 11, 2001 and the high amount of veterans returning home from overseas suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS). We often hear about PTS but so many of us don’t consider how that looks in the day to day for the person or for their family. The symptoms vary and can have lifelong effects if not treated. Some symptoms we have listed below:

  • Depression 

  • Anxiety 

  • Hypervigilance 

  • Anger 

  • Alienation

With the help of our friend, Oscar Rojas, Paws 4 Liberty serves approximately 25 veterans a year! Oscar is the head trainer for Paw 4 Liberty. They have two programs that they offer. The Train Your Own Dog Program and the Service Dogs for Veterans Program - helps veterans heal and recover. 

Why should you care?

Here is a sobering fact. 1 in 6 veterans diagnosed with PTS will attempt or commit suicide. How can we turn our backs on brave men and women that gave up so much for us. 


How can we help?

Visit or ask us! We are committed to giving back and this organization hits close to home.

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