An open letter to Santa (From Your Horse)

Dear Santa,

This year, as you know, has been filled with many highs and lows. I am writing to you to focus on the highs. All in all, I believe I have been a really great horse. I, for the most part, keep my rider on my back. I try not to kick at my stall unless my neighbor really needs to keep it down. I for the most part come when turned out to the pasture and all and all I try not to eat fingers when given a carrot.

Which brings me to my list. This year santa I only have 1 thing on my list:

The ProSeries 3-1. - Hear me out. I know you can’t make it. But you may have some German/American connections at Sport Innovations! I feel this gift would make me an even better horse for next year! I feel the full body massages will keep me comfortable and relaxed. I feel the PEMF therapy will help me recovery after my rides. And on those cold lonely nights, the heat function will be great.

So Santa, surely we can see past some of my indiscretions. Three presents in one present is the way for me! My mom did not pick up a tree for me this year on account of what happened last year…

So if you can leave it in front of my stall on Christmas Eve, I can take it from there!


Your Horse

Pro Series 3-1 for Christmas
Alix Sasse