Therapy Equipment – wireless leg WRAPS



Ideal for recovery management. Computer directly attached to the leg WRAP! 

Our wireless design integrates computer and battery directly onto the leg wrap – no wires or whither pack needed. The leg wraps use magnetic therapy (PEMF) to optimize circulation increase. 3Battery operated, portable, light weight, rechargeable.
All leg wraps are MADE IN GERMANY.


How the leg WRAPS work:

They are versatile and can be used on front and hind legs, your horse can move around on the cross ties because of the light weight system.

The magnetic waves, when in contact with the blood supply, causes the magnetic flux in the blood supply to increase the number of red corpuscles and strengthens arteries. The movement of blood is then accelerated.

The biological system also feels the effects of the magnetic fields by strengthening and improving automatic nerves, building new cells and rejuvenation tissue, and helps with the overall function of the internal organs.

As compared to our "IMPULSELINE":

The Pulsating Magnetic Leg Wraps have more coils than the Impulse Line. Six coils per leg wrap for maximum effect.

AREAS of Application:

Recovery Management
Pain Management
Increase Circulation
Injury Treatment
Chronic Diseases

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